Company Adecco Employment Services – Taking You Higher

There is an abundance of employment service companies to choose from around the world. Businesses and corporations in need of skilled workers have their requirements processed by these employment companies. As such, these requirements in turn, offer many opportunities to job seekers, such as a chance to earn a lucrative salary while working in an established company.

Currently, Company Adecco Employment Services is the recognized world leader in the realm of human resource solutions. The company has the capability and extensive database catering to different types of employment, including contractual or temporary staffing requested by companies that require workers for project-based employment. In addition, Company Adecco Employment Services also offers services for permanent employment and outplacement, with its extensive database of professionals to choose from. For job seekers needing guidance in attaining career advancement, Company Adecco Employment Services offers training and counseling services that will keep them on track with their career goals.

Company Adecco Employment Services has an expansive network of branches in more than seventy countries and territories worldwide, providing a wide range of employment and recruitment services. With 6,700 offices, it is no wonder that Company Adecco Employment Services has a diverse mix of large and small global and local clients and businesses. The company has the ability to connect employers and employees in both global and local levels. Its vision is to provide everyone in the company a chance to improve their living circumstanced at work, home or life, in general.

Company Adecco Employment Services has its global headquarters in Switzerland. Jurgen Dormann is serving as chairman. In 1996, Adecco was created through a merger between two then leading personnel service companies Adia of Switzerland and Ecco of France. The complimentary geographical profiles of these two companies have made this a highly successful merger.

Currently, Company Adecco Employment Service ranks 278 in the Fortune Global 500 list, an estimated 35,000 employees scattered around the world. Its global client base has reached more than 150,000 clients being served daily, with 700,000 temporary staff currently working on assignment. Among its key markets are USA, Japan, France and Italy. Through their motivation to make the changes necessary in helping their partners realize personal and professional goals, Company Adecco Employment Services has reached the level of success and recognition it is enjoying worldwide.