ADD and ADHD Friendly Careers

Many career options are exclusively designed for ADHD needs. They fulfill specific requirements and provide ample opportunities to explore stimulation, multitasking and opportunity to work independently. You should bear it in mind that not all jobs fulfill these three criteria. In such scenario, you must prioritize your choice and prefer one which suits you best. Before deciding on a particular option, you must introspect and find out your preferred category and see whether you would be able to perform it or not. This approach helps you make best career option for yourself.

Technical – You can choose a career in technical field as telephone engineer or electronics mechanic. These jobs require you to socialize yourself with the masses as and when you are told for repairing works or installation of equipments. This career develops sense of discipline in you in which you get opportunity to work independently.

Technological – Both technological and technical assignments look similar but they are different except having one similarity that you have freedom of multitasking in these two. Specification of technological jobs is to work in knowledgeable environment with in-depth idea of newly launched and state-of-the-art technologies which differentiates it from others. Most remarkable work of this area is working as an electronics expert, computer technician or computer builder.

Maintenance – Don’t think of your everyday maintenance guy that keeps your offices clean. There are jobs such as a carpenter, car mechanic, or an electrician. In these fields, you “maintain” a product so that the consumer can continue to use it. You are often quite autonomous.

Science – Most ADDers avoid research assignments. But still they can choose alternative job options in it like the specific categories of jobs including assisting the research oriented teams. Choosing medical field and working with the medical equipments too is a good idea. You can work in a company which specializes in keeping the EEG/MRI or ultrasound machines up-to-date.

Military – At first glance, you may be thinking that I’m crazy to include the Military as a field we ADDers could excel in, particularly when you consider how rigid and structured it is. But that is what makes it so beneficial. The military offers structure so that you aren’t necessarily “bouncing” around, and forces you to learn organizational skills. Once you make it through basic training, there are many jobs and careers in the military that you might enjoy: Paratrooper, Helicopter Pilot, Aircraft Technician, and more.

Entrepreneur – Choosing entrepreneurship as a profession needs strong will power and focused approach. Apply them and welcome success. You apply stimulation, control work performances and check output of your effort in entrepreneurship. As you think out of the box you get an opportunity to showcase creativity. Your work should be based on proper planning with enough paper work. If you are not good at this, you may face critical circumstances too.

Aviation – Pilot, air traffic controller or aviation engineering are main job options in aviation. If you don’t go for military, choose aviation as a career. This profession has lots of opportunities for stimulation and individual attempts. Job categories depend upon your choice.

Dentist- Before you shout, “Dentistry! Boring!”, hear me out. As a dentist, you often have a lot of variety in your work, and you certainly have tons of independence. For even more stimulation, you can specialize.

Transportation – You don’t have stimulating experience in transportation and need to follow the ordeals. Still you have freedom to roam. You have opportunity to reach to different locations as and when you are assigned for delivering products. In case you are offered a job of an ambulance driver you feel much stimulated due to extra pressure.

Engineer – Have keen look at young boys and girls operating heavy equipments professionally. These engineers perform duties after attaining special training. You can become a professional engineer with the specializations in chemical, nuclear, electronics etc. Almost every specific engineering area provides opportunity for you to do some multitasking in complete freedom. Engineering requires attention seeking individuals rather than entrepreneurs. You must fulfill your work in complete dedication and the output should be satisfactory. In entrepreneurship you can outsource some of your works which keep you in relief.

You can prefer any one of the suggested career options for better prospects.

Web Graphic Design Careers Planning

Develop your Natural Skills

To build graphic design careers, you must be creative and you must have a knack to art. This is something that will help you in the curricula and in the real professional world. In fact, some of the courses even insist the study of the history of art so that the students have a better understanding of design. If you have good drawing skills, it will help you very much later. Also, you have to study the latest trends. So, it is wise to stay current with the latest art and related technology.

Authorize your skills with the right degree

Web δεσιγν is a field where you will get a job only if you are able. Still, a person with a professional degree will get priorities in case there is tough competition which seems to be the case always. So, a graphic design course of will enhance your chances of building web design a career. However, before you start your course, make sure that curriculum puts stress on the aspects on which you want to build your career. There are different types of courses as well. So, pick up the one that will suit your career aspiration.

Create the perfect portfolio

The right portfolio is always important to build ideal web graphic design careers. Make sure that it is concise and effective. The number of entries in the portfolio should not be more than 10 pieces and less than 6 pieces. Arrange the portfolio in such a manner that the best piece is shown at last. Anyways, the portfolio should begin with a decent piece of work.

If you are eager to build a successful career in graphic design you must be dedicated and persistent. Success will come your way if you have the patience and belief in yourself.

3 Careers for the Future in Finance

Impacted by the digital revolution, the world of finance has deeply evolved these past 20 years and is changing faster than ever before. Reduction of storage costs and the explosion of computing power have made possible finance applications that a decade ago, people only dreamed about. In this fast and complex environment, banks are in strategic need of recruiting young talents with skills that were not necessarily associated with finance in the past. Choosing to prepare for some of the key positions of tomorrow means you will be sought after by top banks when entering the professional world at the end of your studies.

Here are 3 career paths that will be key for employment with the banks of tomorrow:

Blockchain Specialist

Blockchain is the technology that was introduced by the Bitcoin. It was originally designed as a decentralized digital currency. The key behind blockchain technology is that it allows reliable transactions of value between several parties without the need for a central authority. The potential applications to the banking industry are still uncertain. We could see it replace the current system for transferring money between local and global banking entities. The strengths of such a peer-to-peer system could also be used to propagate, between financial institutions, details on each economic agent.That would allow a bank to know very quickly if a particular client can be trusted, and thus greatly reducing compliance costs.

One thing is certain however, this technology will have a huge impact on the industry in the decades to come. Most major banks have invested in research on this technology. As Simon McNamara from RBS has said “I don’t know what’s going to succeed. What I’m certain of is that we are going to see blockchain solutions and peer-to-peer solutions emerging in our industry and we want to be close to that development.” Blockchain specialists will have a strong interest in both computer science and economy.

Data Scientist

This one may be the most obvious. Banks are already recruiting loads of data scientists, and giving them some of the best paid positions in the industry. However, this is only the beginning of the revolution. As the algorithms get more and more sophisticated, the mission of computers will slowly move from applying a strategy to finding strategies by surfing huge amount of data.

Data scientists will design systems that will explore huge databases containing all kinds of data; historical prices, news, and even personal information on clients.; All of which will uncover invisible correlations and unknown relations between objects. It will then be able to run a strategy based on these new findings.

Ultimately, banks will have computers that will learn on their own how to make money from a huge compilation of diverse data. The focus of the competition will be to attain the best data and input it into these computers. This will be the application of machine learning to finance.

A data scientist is a specialist in statistics that also has an interest in computer science.

Financial Psychologist

The most experienced bankers will tell you, short term moves in price are explained in part by human psychology. In order to improve their decision-making process, banks will have to take these human parameters into account.Technical analysis can be seen as a precursor of this discipline, its goal being to capture some human behaviors by spotting recurring pattern in historical prices.

However, more recently, academics have taken a more scientific approach to these questions and interest is growing among bankers.

In the near future, banks will most likely be looking for people able to apply psychology and sociology, among other techniques, to the financial markets. Such “financial psychologists” will need to be specialists in human science and economy.