5 Jobs That Deal With Floor Plans and Interior Design

When constructing a building, it takes a lot of floor plan analysis to come up with a safe structure and excellent interiors. There are several interrelated professions that share common task namely: engineer, architect, interior designer, carpenter, and foreman.

A floor plan is a diagram that reveals the interior of the proposed building including the appliances, fixtures, and all parts of the house. To make an extraordinary creation, it requires team effort from various fields of professions to come up with artistically challenged masterpiece. Here are the following jobs that require floor plan reading and interior decorating:


There are kinds of engineers, but in general an engineer is somebody who is a versatile entity responsible for the entire project from planning, to execution, to maintenance. However, the one who makes use of a floor plan are usually the civil engineers. It is also part of their duty to take charge of the interior designing, unless a separate interior decorator is hired. He assesses the site where the structure will rise as well as creates the design of the building, which is called layout or blueprint. This will be used as a reference from the start of the construction up to the completion of the project.


A Greek term, which means chief builder; an architect is a licensed professional responsible for designing of the building. The outline must comply with the standard building specifications and regulations to ensure safety.

Interior Designer

With their innate creativity, an interior designer is well-versed when it comes to renovation of your home. Since they are experienced when it comes to analyzing floor plans, they are compatible with engineers and architects.


Carpenters have several tasks involved namely: constructing, measuring, repairing, and installing. These are skills that are acquired either through experience or formal training. Since their tasks entail precision especially when it comes to measurements, they need to follow a blueprint and be keen on every detail presented. A blueprint is a piece of design or outline of the structure to be built, which includes the floor plans, electrical connections, piping, and the likes. From there, they are able to formulate an idea on how to carry out their task. Although reading from floor plans is not always applicable especially to those who do not have formal schooling, they can receive instructions directly from the supervisor. Since many of the carpenters are also self-employed, it is not unusual for them to get hired on an on-call basis. They will get paid immediately after the completion of work, which are usually repairs, partitions, and installation of shelves. In some cases, they are given the responsibility to decide what design would perfectly match their interiors.


A man who is an overall charged of the workers particularly in a construction setting. From the experienced gained and the skills he possess, he is knowledgeable in all areas of the project. He is said to be a master of all construction trades; therefore, worthy to be equated to a project manager. As the leader of the team, he is proficient in floor plan analysis because of his extensive experience.

Jobs For Felons 2020: 5 Tips to Land a Job As a Felony

You may find it a tiresome process to look for a job if you have been a convict. Our society doesn’t like to help felons to get back on the right track. Most employers are reluctant to consider people with a criminal record. Given below are a few things you can do if you have a criminal record and want to get hired.

5 tips to land a Job with a Felony

1. Do your Research

Don’t hide anything about your background from your employer during interview. If they do a background check and find you lied, it’s very unlikely that they will hire you. If they ask you something about your background, you should be honest and explain your situation.

2. Stay away from the Non-Starters

Some companies will never hire employees with a felony. Therefore, there is no need to waste your precious time on these employers. In other words, you should apply to those jobs that you think will be suitable for you. This will help you increase the efficiency of your job search.

The government orders some organizations to hire some ex-felons. Therefore, you should look for these organizations. Chance are that they will hire you regardless of your background. In exchange, these organizations get a tax break from the government.

Primarily, this tax break is given during the first 12 months after the release of a convict. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste time and look for these organizations as soon as you are released.

Aside from this, small businesses in your area may welcome ex-felons more than large organizations. Often, large companies have to follow strict procedures and processes when hiring new employees.

3. Get Help

As an ex-felon, you may not want to look for a job alone. It’s better to work with an organization that can provide you with assistance. For instance, you can contact a workforce development center. Aside from this, you can contact the social service centers to find out if they can offer assistance.

4. Start your own Business

If you have business skills, you can start your own business instead of working for someone else. For instance, you can become a consultant or freelancer. There is no one to stop you from kicking off your own small business.

Your background won’t become a hurdle in your way of success. After all, customers won’t buy from you just because you have a felony on your record.

5. Freelance Online

Freelancing online is a great way to make tons of money. Based on your skills, you can do a variety of jobs online. However, you should be aware of scams on the Internet. It’s not a good idea to pay anything upfront for a job.

Ideally, you may want to create awesome profiles on authentic freelancing platforms and bidding sites. These sites don’t require you to say anything about your background. Millions of people offer their skills on these platforms to their international clients.

For instance, if you are a good online marketer, writer, SEO expert or a researcher, freelancing sites can work for you. You can easily hire employees with a felony when you are an expert and know what you want.

So, these are a few tips that can help you land your first job as an ex-felon.