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Reliance Systematic Investment Plan – Essential Information on Reliance SIP Plan

Reliance mutual funds are well known. Reliance SIP plans allows even middle class people and rural people to invest. SIP is systematic investment plan. In this plan, investors can pay the investment in monthly installments. Reliance SIP plan is very famous because it allows low monthly investments in range of 100 rupees. Investments can be made in different ways. The different ways are listed below here.

Various Monthly SIP options:

  • A plan of 100 rupees as a monthly investment for 60 months.
  • A plan of 500 rupees as a monthly investment for 12 months.
  • There is a plan of 1000 rupees as a monthly investment for 6 months.

Quarterly option is also available in reliance SIP plans. 4 installments of 1500 rupees can be selected instead of 500 rupees for 12 months. Any type of investment can be selected. It depends upon the needs and the financial status of the investor. The amount can be invested through Electronic Clearing service or direct debit mandate. Another option is the post dated cheques. Investing in mutual funds is a risky option. Proper research and data collection has to be done before investing. Returns of various schemes have to be analyzed. Many websites have complete information about the shares, funds and schemes.

Before investing, an important choice has to be made. There are two options in SIP plan. One is the equity plan and another is the debit plan. Generally many prefer debit plans in India. Moreover, systematic investment plan has many advantages. Some of them are rupee cost averaging, lower cost per unit and lower monthly investments.

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